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2020 Academic year, Second semester TOEIC Campus Test Schedule

2020 Academic year, Second semester TOEIC Campus Test Schedule

2020/03/21 (Sat.) 09:30

2020/04/18 (Sat.) 09:30


2020/03/21 Test session: Registration period is 2020/02/12-2020/02/21

2020/04/18 Test session: Registration period is 2020/02/12-2020/03/12


Registration link: Language Center TOEIC Campus Test Link



When registering for the test, please pay attention to the following:


  1. Please apply for an account first before you register for the first time.
  2. Please confirm the time and venue of the test before completing registration. After the payment is completed, a full refund cannot be made.
  3. Candidates can enquire or print the test information in the service area of the TOEIC website within five working days before the test:https://www.examservice.com.tw/TicketQuiry/OpenExamInquiry
  4. Special discount candidates should not use the online registration. Please provide relevant application materials to the Language Center to register.

Please refer to this link if you qualify for the special discount. http://www.toeic.com.tw/toeic_news_pub.jsp?type=8&pmid=133

(Unemployment is not accepted for special discount)

Please use the new 2019 TOEIC paper registration form for this session. Please refer to the Language Center H102 for the form and filling out the form. (Special note: Applications by candidates under the age of 20 must be signed by a legal representative. Also: unsigned registrations will not be accepted)

  1. Please be sure to read the instructions before the test. http://selfstudy.nkuht.edu.tw:7777/subpage/beforethetest.html
  2. In response to TOEIC change of question type, after  March 2018, the TOEIC campus test will only provide a personal transcript and cannot provide an official test certificate. The individual transcripts and the official test certificate are slightly different, so please be aware. However, the test results personal transcriptor official certificate do not affect the qualification for the school's graduation threshold.
  3. For registration-related questions, please contact TOEIC customer service: http://www.toeic.com.tw/



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