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Four-year College ‘General Education English Course’ Rules & SOP


NKUHT Language Center

Four-year College ‘General Education English Course’ Rules & SOP

Course rules

  1. Five courses, two credits for each course, for a total of ten credits:
  1. First semester, first year: English Listening/Speaking (I)’ & ‘English Reading/ Writing (I)’
  2. Second semester, first year: English Listening/Speaking (II)’ & ‘English Reading/ Writing (II)’
  3. First semester, second year:English Listening/Speaking (III)’
  1. The Language Center arranges classes according to results of a language proficiency test taken at orientation prior to the start of the first year.
  2. Except for Department of Applied English students, all day and night college students must take GE English courses.

Waive Course

  1. Waive Requirements: New students may waive GE English courses if they meet one of the following requirements:
    1. An English proficiency test score equivalent to TOEIC 785 or higher from within the two years prior to entering NKUHT.
    2. A (vocational) high school or higher diploma from a native English speaking country.
  2. Application Time: Applications for waiver will only be accepted starting from the first day of classes of students’ first semester at NKUHT through the first week of students’ second semester at NKUHT. Late applications will not be accepted.
  3. How to apply:
  1. Download and fill out the ‘GE English Credit Waiver Application Form’ and attach a copy of a proficiency test score (taken within the two years prior to entering NKUHT) or a diploma.
  2. Bring the Application Form and original and a copy of your proficiency test score or diploma to the Language Center (H Building, H102).
  3. The Language Center will examine applicant eligibility and submit the list of eligible names to the Academic Affairs Office.
  1. Download the related documents:
  1. Language Center Website/Download/Rules for Academic Credit Waiver for 4-Year College General Education English Courses’.
  2. Language Center Website/Download/GE English Credit Waiver Application Form
  1. Waiving courses for transfer students: Please bring your previous school’s transcript, course syllabus, and other related documents related to the NKUHT GE English course that you want to waive to Language Center (H102).

Retake Course

  1. Students must retake courses at the same levels of the original courses they failed.
  2. Application Time: During the add/drop period of the semester.
  3. How to Apply:
  1. Download and fill out the ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ from Academic Affairs Office.
  2. Bring the ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ to the Language Center (H102). The Language Center Assistant will add you to the appropriate class after checking the class information.
  3. Signatures: The ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ should be signed, in order, by your GE English Class teacherà Language Center Directorà GE Center Directorà Academic Affairs Office.
  1. Attention:
  1. Please come to Language Center (H102) during the add/drop period. The Language Center will be closed from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM for lunch break.
  2. The application steps must be completed during the add/drop period.

For FAQ, please see: Language Center webpage/Downloads/‘NKUHT Language Center Courses Q&A’


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