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Winter 2020 English Speech Competition

Winter 2020 English Speech Competition

  • Objectives: To increase students’ interest in English learning, to enhance students’ ability to express themselves in English, and to advance mutual interaction among departments.
  • Organizer: NKUHT Language Center
  • Time: December 10 (Thursday), 2020, 15:30-17:30
  • Venue: International Building HB104
  • Participants: NKUHT students (students from native English speaking countries are not eligible); maximum of 20 participants.
  • Registration: November 04, 2020 – November 17, 12:00 P.M.
  • Registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/153jtMFCYGzwczyE6yCeapKBEeHx2-KCCedPXd8jtZfQ/viewform?edit_requested=true


  • Rules:
  1. This English Speech Competition consists of four topics. Each participant must choose one of the topics to present as a speech.
  2. Speeches should be 2 to 3 minutes long. Speeches that are less than 2 minutes or more than 3 minutes will have 5 points deducted from the final score.
  3. To ensure fairness, speech notes/scripts, writing key words on hands, dictionaries, or other items are not allowed on stage.
  4. Participants need to come to H102 on November 26 from 10:00~16:30 to draw a number to determine the order of the speeches. If you do not show up for the drawing, the Language Center will draw for you.
  5. Participants must sign in on December 10 by 15:20. At sign-in, participants will be given their number (order of speaking). Participants who have not signed in within 20 minutes of the start of the competition will forfeit the right to present a speech.
  6. Participants must wear their formal school uniform during the contest.

  • Competition Topics:
  1. Give a speech introducing NKUHT to a junior high school or vocational high school.
  2. Give a speech introducing your department and why someone should study in it.
  3. Explain how you view of being a guest/passenger/customer has changed since you began your studies at NKUHT.
  4. What’s the problem—Are customers getting worse or is service getting worse?

  • Grading:
  1. 40% Fluency, Pronunciation, Intonation, Clarity, and Correctness
  2. 20% Originality and Ideas
  3. 20% Structure
  4. 20% Confidence, Gestures, and Eye Contact

  • Timing:

The timer will start when a participant begins speaking. A green card will be raised at 2 minutes, a yellow card will be raised at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and a red card will be raised at 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The bell will be rung at 3 minutes, signaling for the participant to stop.

  • Rules:
  1. Participants who do not abide by the rules of the contest or cause any disruption to the contest will be disqualified and asked to leave the venue.
  2. At the end of the contest, the prize winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded.
  3. Please wear a mask when entering the venue except when you are making a speech. Please cooperate with related disease precaution any rules.
  4. If the school closes because of the coronavirus crisis, we will post relevant information about the competition.

  • Prizes:

First Prize       NT 3,000 & Award Certificate

Second Prize   NT 2,000 & Award Certificate

Third Prize       NT 1,000 & Award Certificate

*Contact Information: 07-8060505#19621 / Language Center H102

*If any rules are unclear or incomplete, the Language Center will make related announcements prior to the start of the contest.


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