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Four-year College‘Second Foreign Language Course’ Rules & SOP

NKUHT Language Center

Four-year College ‘Second Foreign Language Course’ Rules & SOP

Add Course (for Day School Students)

  • The Language Center arranges classes according to the results of a questionnaire given to students the semester before second foreign language classes open. Please choose your preferred second language course through the school Registrar System during the add/drop courses period.
  • ‘Second Foreign Language Course (I)’: Students must sign up for a course that is offered to their department (college). In principle, students should only sign up for one language course so as not to occupy the place of a student who needs the class to fulfill their second language requirement.
  • ‘Second Foreign Language Course (II)’: The Language Center exports directly the class name list from ‘Course (I),’ so students do not need to sign up for Course (II) by themselves.
  • If students have special reasons and obtain approval to choose another department’s ‘Second Foreign Language Course (I),’ they may do so. However, if that results in their ‘Second Foreign Language Course (II)’ conflicting with their required departmental or other GE course, students should take their required departmental or GE course. In this case, students should go back to their departmental time to take their ‘Second Foreign Language Course (II)’ if the course is not full. If their departmental ‘Course (II)’ is full, students can try to choose another available ‘Course (II)’ of the same language. If nothing is available, students will need to take ‘Course (II)’ in their fourth year of school.
  • **Reminder: Students need to take a lot of course in their second year of school. Students usually do not have empty time periods to take another department’s language course. In addition, 4-year day college students who have not yet met their second foreign language requirement have priority to choose courses.
  • Students need to take Course (I) & (II) of one language (4 credits). For Example: Students taking French (I) in the first semester must take French (II) in the second semester.

Waive Course

  • Waive Requirements: Students may waive second foreign language courses if they have passed an externally recognized foreign language examination. For waiver standards, please see the ‘Second Foreign Language Credit Waiver Standards (Table)’ (Language Center webpage/Administration).

  • Application Time: Students applying for credit waiver should apply to the Language Center with an original copy and a duplicate photocopy of a language competence certificate pertaining to the second foreign language course within seven (7) days after the commencement day of the semester for the course. All late applications will not be accepted.

  • How to apply:

    • Please download and fill out the ‘NKUHT Second Language Credit Waiver Application Form’ document (Language Center webpage/Downloads).

    • Bring the Application Form and original (and duplicate) copy of your language proficiency score to the Language Center (H102).

    • The Language Center will examine applicants’ eligibility and submit a list of eligible names to the Academic Affairs Office.

  • Download the related documents:

Retake Course

  1. Students should retake the same language course that they did not pass.
  2. In order to maintain the quality of learning, you may only join a class that is not full.
  3. Application Time: During the add/drop period of the semester.
  4. How to Apply:
  1. Download and fill out an ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ from the Academic Affairs Office.
  2. Bring the ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ to the Language Center H102. The Assistant will add you to the appropriate class after checking class availability.
  3. Signatures: The ‘Add/Drop Course Form’ should be signed, in order, by your 2nd Foreign Language Class teacherà Language Center Directorà GE Center Directorà Academic Affairs Office
  1. Attention:
  1. Please come to Language Center (H102) from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the add/drop period. The Language Center will be closed from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM for lunch break.
  2. The application steps must be completed during the add/drop period.



For FAQ, please see: Language Center webpage/Downloads/‘NKUHT Language Center Courses Q&A’


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